IMPORTANT: All New Patient Naturopathic appointments must be requested at least 3 days before the desired appointment day. 


This allows for proper preparation and scheduling for your appointment on our end. Thank you for your understanding!


Please feel free to email for assistance in making an appointment or to schedule a complimentary phone consult. 

Booking an Appointment with Dr. Kali

Naturopathic doctors are trained to be the "detectives" of the medical world, which is why Dr. Kali schedules her initial appointments to be an hour or more. This is so that she can fully explore a patient's health history, which is necessary in order to attempt to discover the root causes of a patient's illness. In the Naturopathic philosophy, this approach is the key to significant, lasting health results. Initial health visits include an in-depth discussion of your health history, current health complaints, your lifestyle, diet, and personal health goals, as well as an appropriate physical examination. At the conclusion of the visit, we'll have formulated a health plan to help support your goals which may include lab testing, supplement recommendations, nutritional guidance, lifestyle guidance, and/or referrals.


Dr. Kali additionally offers services in Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and Acupuncture, as she has found in her training that the philosophies marry exceptionally well in bringing more immediate and lasting results to the long-term work that is Naturopathic care. As she is still in the midst of delving deeper into her acupuncture studies, Dr. Kali is temporarily focusing those offerings on services such as cupping, ear seeds, and symptom-based point prescriptions. All of these services are safe, effective, and covered in the Naturopathic Physician's scope of practice in Connecticut. More in-depth acupuncture appointments will be offered in the future!


Dr. Kali also offers 15-minute consults via phone or in person if you have questions about the services offered, the Naturopathic approach to health care, acupuncture, or to discuss if Dr. Kali would be the right fit as your Naturopathic doctor. 


Telemedicine follow-up appointments are available for traveling patients, but for legal reasons, an initial appointment in office in Connecticut is required for lab testing to be ordered through Dr. Kali as your physician. Telemedicine is always an option for health consults, nutritional, and lifestyle guidance. 



Dr. Kali's office is located at

The Bridge Healing Arts Center

in Farmington, CT

"Why aren't you covered by insurance?"

I am happy to give my patients a copy of their super bill for each appointment so that they can submit them for reimbursement to their insurance companies. However, choosing to be covered by insurance as a physician means that I'm agreeing to practice using the medical model that insurance companies decide is most cost effective for patient care. Unfortunately, this model usually rewards quantity of appointments, not quality. 


Reimbursement guidelines make it so that I can't spend the time I feel is necessary to give my patients the attention they deserve, and so I choose not to take insurance. This allows me to spend the time necessary to explore your symptoms, lifestyle, mental, emotional, and physical health in the detail imperative to holistic medical care. 


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