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Dr Kali Olsen, ND, MSAc, MS

About Dr. Kali 


Dr. Kali Olsen is a licensed Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist offering a holistic, lifestyle-based preventative medicine approach to health. Though trained to treat conditions of all systems of the body,  Dr. Kali practices with a special interest in dermatology and graceful aging, offering gentle, effective support options rooted in tradition and supported by modern research.


Naturopathic doctors are trained to be the "detectives" of the medical world. This is why

Dr. Kali schedules her appointments to be an hour with each patient in order to fully explore their health history and attempt to unearth the root causes of their illness. This is also why she commonly utilizes functional medical testing that goes a step farther than your typical blood test.

Dr. Kali offers a number of specialized lab tests, including comprehensive hormone testing, food allergy or sensitivity testing, and stool analysis testing to map out your microbiome, digestion, and inflammation. These specialty labs are a useful tool in providing a more clear picture of your health concerns. 





Dr. Kali completed her medical training at the University of Bridgeport, participating in academic and clinical training in the graduate level Naturopathic medicine, Acupuncture, and Nutrition programs offered at UB. She completed both the Biomedical Science Examination and Core Clinical Science Examinations of the NPLEX Licensing Board exams, including additional elective examinations in Minor Surgery and Pharmacology.


Dr. Kali has also completed her Master of Science in Acupuncture at the University of Bridgeport Institute of Acupuncture and completed the necessary board exams to become a LAc, or Licensed Acupuncturist. She pursued this degree so that the graceful integration of both Naturopathic and Eastern medicine could be used to offer patients the best of both healing philosophies. Acupuncture is a safe, drug-free, and effective healing tool that can be used to treat issues ranging from insomnia to chronic back pain to infertility, as well as a non-invasive, visually effective option for supporting graceful aging and wrinkle reduction.


Additionally, Dr. Kali has completed her Masters in Nutrition in order to have the most comprehensive knowledge of the science of "food as medicine," as well as special certifications in Facial Rejuvenation and Aesthetics, and LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy. Dr. Kali utilizes professional-grade LED light therapy both in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatments to support improvements in general skin health, as well as to support improved mood, a benefit of red and infrared light supported by growing research.



Holistic Care
Naturopathic care & Traditional Chinese Medicine are about treating the whole person. 
Naturopathic care & Traditional Chinese Medicine are about treating the whole person. 

I was drawn to holistic medicine because I believe that, more times than not, your body has the knowledge to heal itself, and that symptoms are clues telling us something is wrong in the body rather than an inevitable fate. I believe that nearly any disease state can be improved if the proper root causes are treated. This requires looking at not just your physical state, but your mental health, emotional well being, lifestyle habits, and diet.  Pharmaceuticals have their place in health management and can be lifesaving and necessary. However, without getting to the root cause of issues, prescriptions may simply be turning off the smoke alarm without putting out the fire.


As experts in preventative medicine, Naturopathic Doctors are trained to look at lab results in a slightly different way than you may be used to. We're not just looking for "normal ranges," we're looking for optimal ranges. I look for patterns that predict what type of issues may be brewing under the surface, so we can treat problems before they progress into disease. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practitioners are trained to treat patients as a whole, with diagnosis patterns weighing mental and emotional symptoms as heavily as physical symptoms. TCM takes into account that every system of your body talks to and relies on one another for you to feel your best. Treatment practices like acupuncture are then used to help to support proper communication and balance within the body, and is one of my favorite treatment tools.


My treatments include individualized, research-based recommendations such as nutritional counseling, acupuncture treatments, therapeutic-grade supplementation, and specialty lab testing. I believe a powerful therapeutic plan can be born from the combination of modern testing, personalized nutrition and lifestyle goals, and the effective tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


With the help of state of the art, research-based testing, time-tested TCM theory, and a detailed look into your health history, I aim to help you identify what may be causing or fueling your symptoms. I believe your body knows how to heal more than we give it credit for. I'm here to help push it in the right direction and support you through the process.


In good health,

       Dr. Kali

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