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All appointments are conducted with a strong emphasis on holistic, preventative medical care, and treatment strategies may combine tools from both Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine to best treat patients depending on their presentation. Individualized care is always at the core of my approach.


Initial Health Evaluations and Follow- Up Appointments

60-minute, in-depth appointments are used to explore the root of your health complaints and history, and to devise a personalized health plan. Includes acupuncture and other treatment modalities as appropriate for your case.


45-60 minute follow-up appointments are used to check in on how you're doing, continue with acupuncture and LED light therapy treatments, answer questions, review labs, and make any necessary changes to your health plan.

Secure phone and telemedicine appointments are available for traveling, distance, and busy clients.


Priced either as full appointment or on call length based on content discussed


TCM Services

Acupuncture Therapy

Dr. Kali is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture is the use of very small, filiform needles (about 1/6 of the size of a needle used to draw blood) gently placed in therapeutic locations. These points stimulate the nervous system, working to "reeducate" the brain and trigger biochemical and physiological changes.


These specific acupuncture points have been used for thousands of years to help harmonize the body and treat a number of different ailments. Because of their effect on the nervous system, acupuncture can work on both a physical and emotional level, effectively treating aches and pains of the body like back pain or acute injury, as well as emotional ailments like anxiety, depression, and grief. Modern research is backing the effectiveness of this age-old practice (which may explain its growing popularity!). For a comprehensive list of what health concerns acupuncture can help with, visit here.


Sessions can be accompanied by soothing aromatherapy and guided meditations for optimal stress relief.


Acupuncture treatments can also be paired with LED Light Therapy for an added boost of skin and mood support! Read more on the benefits of Light Therapy here.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping uses a gentle vacuum effect to help increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension and soreness. Many patients equate the feeling to a massage. Cups may be left in place or moved along a muscle to stimulate blood flow.


Different methods include the use of suction (using plastic cups) or fire cupping, which is the use of fire placed briefly inside a ceramic or glass cup to create a vacuum effect before placing the cup on the skin. Small bruises may develop (if you remember those pictures of Michael Phelps!) and disappear within a few days on their own.


Cupping therapies offered include the use of round or heart-shaped cups.

Cupping therapy is added to acupuncture services as-indicated by your signs and symptoms.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Help visibly fade wrinkles and rejuvenate skin health with a combination of Traditional Acupuncture techniques, clinical grade therapeutic light therapy, personalized herbal and nutraceutical skincare, and individualized recommendations to help support your results and skin health long after your sessions end. The best of Traditional Chinese Medicine meets modern science to bring your skin optimal, non-invasive support.


LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy uses therapeutic light of strategic, FDA-approved, clinically studied wavelengths (red, infrared, and blue) that gently coax your skin to increase collagen production by supporting the skin’s natural energy production. LED therapy is research-backed at helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, balance skin tone and texture, and calm skin redness. Blue light therapy has been shown to support reducing acne.

Benefits include:

  • Support tissue recovery, evident by visible improvements in skin complexion and roughness after treatments.

  • Stimulate collagen product, as confirmed by ultrasonographic measurements of collagen density after treatments!

  • Lowering the impact of damaging oxidative stress (which is both great for graceful aging and overall health)

  • Supporting a balanced inflammatory response - it’s been found even to be beneficial for rosacea!

  • Increase blood flow to support nutrient flow to your cells and tissue - research has found it to be helpful in stimulating hair follicle growth, so it has extra benefit if you’re looking to plump up your eyebrows or a receding hairline.


Light therapy is typically used in combination with acupuncture treatments to best support the health of your skin. And, don’t worry - the full panel is cleaned thoroughly with alcohol and disinfectant before each use, so you can breathe easy!

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