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Get The Most Out of At-Home LED Light Therapy

I’m loving that at-home LED lights are becoming more and more popular 💡 .

If you haven’t seen, check back for my posts about the general skin & mood benefits of red and infrared light, and the acne-support that blue light therapy brings to the table (research backed!)

If you’ve already got a device, here are some tips for getting the most out of your at-home light therapy:

  • Use blue light earlier in the day, while infrared light can be used whenever. For most people, red light at any time of day isn’t an issue. If you use your red light before bed and find you’re tossing and turning more, try fitting it in earlier in the day.

  • If the light bothers your eyes at first, don’t be afraid to use eye goggles. There’s no damaging UV rays in LED devices, but comfort matters, and I find that after only one or two uses the light stops bothering sensitive eyes. Don’t be afraid to ease them into it until they adjust.

  • Use blue light BEFORE applying any products. I like to use mine first thing in the morning while I’m lounging and having tea before work. I save washing my face and throwing on my skincare for afterwards.

  • You can use red and infrared light with your favorite skincare products - it actually helps them penetrate the skin even better, amping up your after-LED glow. I’m a fan of using this light after completing your usual skincare routine, especially with antioxidant and CBD-rich skincare like the CFH serum I use in-office or vitamin C. BUT save potentially irritating ingredients like retinol for after.

  • Red and infrared lights come with mood boosting support, which I like to lean into even more by making LED time my time to turn on a guided meditation or my favorite relaxing playlist. I sometimes find this combo easier to carve out dedicated mindfulness time, but if hanging out in front of the TV is your zen time, there’s nothing wrong with pulling the light out then, too.

  • Best results come with consistency and a few solid weeks (usually 8) of use, so work on making it a habit and give it time!

Interested in getting a light of your own? I’m always happy to give recommendations, and I offer home-shipments for red/infrared and blue/red handheld devices through a trusted, clinically-proven company.



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